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Milan Fashion Week is here! Another season of Milan fashion and the city’s fashion designers are here to give us tons of that traditional Italian sex appeal and colour, as well as sophisticated doses of ladylike glamour.

We can take you to some of the most avant-garde creative minds on the fashion circuit and whether its Givenchy’s tribal parade, Dior’s contemporary hommes, or Valentino’s daring denim suits, Paris Fashion Week proves once again that it is truly the capital of fashion.


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The semi-annual New York Fashion Week is held in February and September of each year in New York City. It is one of four major fashion weeks held around the world. NYC Fashion Runway o!ers classic, up-and-coming fashion designers a unique runway, press and brand opportunities.

Check out the new collections of some of the very prominent Brazilian designers at the Rio Fashion Week and see for yourself what Rio brings to the world of fashion with its trends and innovative visions.

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We have access to top fashion shows and private designers in Milan, Paris, New York and Rio: it’s possible to get private showings from designers & cocktails/tete-tete with them and a lot more exciting options of all the action from the fashion shows, front rows, backstage and parties.

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