Gareth Pugh would normally be showing in Paris. Instead, he staged that enormous «immersive presentation» in New York, so Paris had to make do with some one-on-ones in the showroom.

«I’ve had 10 years of doing this, and my last season in Paris I hit the reset button,» said Pugh.

«It felt like the end of something signaling the beginning of something else. That’s why the phoenix is in the film.»

«I wanted it of the earth, rather than landed from a spaceship,» he continued, in tacit acknowledgment of the fact that his clothes often remind people of something extraterrestrial.

Gareth_Pugh_034_1366 Gareth_Pugh_001_1366 Gareth_Pugh_002_1366 Gareth_Pugh_009_1366 Gareth_Pugh_010_1366 Gareth_Pugh_014_1366 Gareth_Pugh_015_1366 Gareth_Pugh_019_1366 Gareth_Pugh_020_1366 Gareth_Pugh_021_1366 Gareth_Pugh_023_1366

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