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Seven daysincluding training

This is an incredible experience that will enable you to explore a world where very few people have ventured before you. The cave of Hang Son Doong has to be one of the greatest spectacles you will ever set eyes upon!

This is a unique opportunity for photography enthusiasts to capture some amazing images under the watchful eye of experts who guided the National Geographic team through this incredible spectacle.

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For 2014, there has only been 200 permits issued to visit this protected cave and you have an opportunity to be among the first explorers to join us.

This expedition will have 3 nights camping in Hang Son Doong, enabling you to capture all the highlights of this magnificent cave. Both the underground jungle sections will be visited as well as camps in superb locations. This is a very limited program for 8 people maximum and is more like a mini expedition. Both the journey to and the time spent in Hang Son Doong will guarantee a memorable experience.

Using experienced original British Cave explorers as safety guides, makes this once- in- a- lifetime trip possible. The tour involves a training day in a spectacular river cave Hang Toi ensuring visitors are familiar with equipment and the underground environment.

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This is a world class experience in a unique pristine setting hence numbers are limited to help conserve this newly discovered wonder of the world. If you are a reasonably active/fit person who wishes to do something really special this is the Mount Everest of the cave world!

For photographers, as well as the truly magnificent scenery within the cave, there are many species of butterflies coming from the jungle entrance.

Accompanying you on your experience will be 12-14 porters, 3 safety experts from the original research team and one National Geographic photographer, or a professional photographer who will be on hand to help with angles and lighting techniques.

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Day 1: 4 hour caving trip 2km into Hang Toi, a classic Vietnamese river cave. Detailed briefing and preparation for the 5-6 day excursion to Hang Son Doong.

Day 2: From Phong Nha village travel with porter team and guides to drop off point 35km in the National Park. Descend into river valley passing the minority village and trek for 6km to arrive at the camp inside Hang En.

Day 3: Travel through the magnificent En Cave and follow the large river in superb jungle surroundings. Climb up to the entrance of Hang Son Doong and descend the 80m vertical drop to emerge in a huge passage which we can follow to the first underground river. Cross the river twice and emerge in the gigantic main tunnel. Set up camp on a sandy beach close to first underground doline.

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Day 4: This is an incredible day with many photo opportunities due to the enormous dolines. Cross the first doline with 200m high cliffs and be amazed at the unique jungle in the cave. Visit the Garden of Edam and camp at beach camp, one of the best campsites in the world with superb views of the jungle. Huge 250m high cliffs are visible from the camp. Flying foxes, monkeys and hornbills are often seen in this section of the cave.

Day 5: Leave camp and travel deeper into the cave to the Great Wall of Vietnam. Depending upon water levels a boat may be required to complete this final section. Return to camp 1 near the first doline and visit a newly discovered passage with excellent examples of 300,000,000 year old fossils.


Day 6/7: Depending upon the fitness of the personnel a return to the drop off point in the National Park. This would be a long day 8-9 hours but possible. However if clients wish a more leisurely return can be made with another overnight camp in the magnificent Hang En cave.

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Private group program with a focus on photography opportunities:

(Minimum 6 pax, maximum 8 pax)

Tour includes:

• Transportation during the tour (from Dong Hoi).

• Hotel (Before and after the tour).

• All food and drink during the tour (tea/coffee/drinking water).

• Cave instructors who will show you how to use the safety equipment and basic caving techniques.

• English speaking Vietnamese guides who will provide you with local knowledge about the area and the caves.

• Experienced caving porters who will carry all the food, camping equipment, caving equipment, set up camp and prepare meals for you.

• Caving equipment: SRT Ropes, karabiners, safety harnesses, caving helmets and lights, trekking boots, drinking bottle.

• First Aid Kit and Rescue equipment. • Walkie-talkies and Satellite telephone. • Camping equipment: tents, sleeping bags and mattresses. • National Park permit and entry fees. • VAT


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Tour Excludes:

• Breakfast and dinner before and after the tour. • Personal expenses. • Travel insurance (Tourist must obtain travel insurance before joining

this tour, contact us if you need a local insurance). • Tip

What theexpertssay;“This is just about the holy grail for a biologist”

Anette Becher, Zoologist

“After visiting the cave myself I can say it really is the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. It is amazing”! Luke Ford

National Geographic Team

“This has got to be one of the wonders of the world! It doesn’t happen anywhere else on this planet”.

“Seeing the jungle in the middle of the cave is one of the most beautiful sights, it’s just absolutely incredible”!

“This is mind blowing stuff and it just doesn’t get any better!”

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