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“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Hilary Cooper

Tel Aviv

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This city is the economic centre of Israel, situated on the Mediterranean coast. Tel Aviv is depicted as the city “that never stops,” a thriving, vibrant, modern, dynamic, and multicultural city, one generally characterized as tolerant, secular, and liberal, while also materialistic and hedonistic—a city of the present, lacking deep historical roots. Experience behind the scene of Tel Aviv’s Artistic and Culinary Experiences with one of the top Israeli young chefs and the cultural highlights. Visit the famous colourful Carmel Market, Art Museum and enjoy a private dinner at the coolest fusion restaurant in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Tel Aviv. Explore the buzzing nightlife of Tel Aviv.

The Kibbutz Experience

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Visit the Bahai Temple in Haifa. Ascend the steep and rocky mountains of Golan Heights via narrow winding roads and see the beauty of the endless green pastures of farmland of the Galilee below, which would take your breath away. Get a glimpse and a taste of Kibbutz life by working in the fields side by side with kibbutz members – old and new. Enjoy variety of Kibbutz Experiences with the Kibbutz Member socializing, singing and dancing way into the night. Take off on a Helicopter to the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and take pleasure in the Kibbutz & SPA experience. Experience the Boutique Spa Galilee Hotel in the Middle of the Byria Mysterious forest.

The Christianity and Judaism Experience

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A private visit to the Church of the Annunciation hosted by the bishop of Nazareth Michel Baffit at Nazareth. Visit the Ancient Synagogue of Korazim. Attend a private mass at Domus Gallilie where the Pope gave his famous speech on his visit to the Holy Land. See the Arbel Mountain above the Sea of Galilee and have a private outdoor lunch overlooking the sea. Also, lunch on the desert overlooking the amazing Dead Sea and Desert Canyons. Relax, Swim and take a mud bath in the Dead Sea.


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Visit the Johan Church of Ein Karem and the western Wall Tunnels. The tunnel exposes a total length of 500m of the walls, revealing the methods of construction and the various activities in the vicinity of the Temple Mount. The excavations includes many archaeological finds along the way and discoveries dating to that period. Experience an authentic Jerusalem private dinner in a ancient building overlooking the old city .

Yad Vashem-Jerusalem Old City

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Enjoy the hustle bustle of Tel Aviv’s most vibrant, colourful market. Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jewish Quarter, Muslim Quarter and the Yad Vashem Institute (Holocaust Museum)

Israel, by invitation only

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