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Lapland is the largest and northernmost of the regions of Finland with the most vast, dramatic and spectacular untamed wilderness areas that Europe has to offer. Next to this magnificent natural treasure of peace, tranquility, grandeur, poetry and drama of the Arctic landscape there are new experiences awaiting travellers behind every corner: Ultimate Snow Adventures, Car Rallies on Ice, Day out with Huskies, Dining at Ice Castles, Soul Refreshing SPA experiences, Pulsating nightlife… What’s more, you don’t need to wait until Christmas to meet Santa…


Winter driving school with rally cars with a many times world champion, husky dog adventure in the fell highlands of Lapland, snowmobile safari with American and European champion, F1 motorboat experience, fly fishing in unbelievable wilderness landscapes, and much more… A private meeting with Santa Claus, the Elf School that teaches you the secrets of how to become a real elf, Santa Claus helper, elegant Ice Princess, private troll school, ski school with private teacher or a world champion, Arctic snowlands with sledging hills and so much more… Three course dinner at ice castle with possibility to see northern lights (depending of weather). The most prized, talented and well renowned chefs with fresh ingredients and professionalism ensure unforgettable culinary experience. Lappish Ceremony. While you enjoy the drink of goblins in the warm glow of the open fire, the shaman drums call the spirits of nature to join in the Ceremony. In addition to Finland’s best hotels, there are wide range of private and exclusive properties, as well as ice and glass igloos



VIP box for ice hockey games, a lifetime experience of a backstage tour at the opera, a private cruise on a rare steamship, watching a rally competition with the World Champion, a spectator-friendly snowmobile competition, a fireworks display planned exclusively for you, the night of your life in an ice or glass igloo… Ice Karting (go-karts on ice). Exclusive gala evening with Finnish traditional Sauna, Jacuzzi, music artist, gold panning and 3-course dinner. The amazing yet versatile environment combined with top quality Lappish gourmet kitchen and a wide range of services offers an impressive setting for incentives and leisure for both smaller and larger groups. Unforgettable birthdays or weddings in a private snow castle beneath the magic glow of the Northern Lights. VIP cruises on an icebreaker, with an Ice Bar built in the middle of the sea where we savour drinks. Exotic adventures such as husky sled rides, reindeer sleigh rides, unique glass igloo accommodation, the Official Home of Santa Claus, five-star log villas, Midnight Sun, Northern Lights, round-the clock salmon fishing, ice fishing, winter ice driving, pure ingredients for cuisine, Europe’s last wilderness, home to Europe’s last indigenous peoples, Sámi. Bear spotting, World’s cleanest air/water. Sound of silence. Pristine nature. Excellent infrastructure. Internationally renowned cultural and musical events, snowmobile safaris, round-the-clock golf, ice golf on frozen river, ice swimming, icebreaker cruises. Enjoy once-in-lifetime alternatives……




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