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Welcome to the world of Saxony !

For many people all over the world, 1000 years of history fell into oblivion, 829 years of which saw Saxony ruled by a single family and playing a leading role in Europe. But since German reunification more and more people are discovering that the things that attracted people to Saxony earlier are still there: spectacular architecture, art collections of world renown, a deeply rooted love of music, living traditions, and locations of world history, the strong attachment of the Saxons to their home, precious skills and their love for life. The best, the unique, the special, the things that make a trip to Saxony an authentic and eye-opening experience.


An awe-inspiring landscapes and One Of the Most famous Buildings in the World

Moritzburg Castle is famous for its gilded and painted leather wall coverings. Gross-Sedlitz is one of the most remarkable garden ensembles in Germany, with two orangeries, playful fountains and Baroque sculptures. The main building is the Japanese Palace, which Augustus built for his collection of porcelain, now a museum.

Then the Saxon Switzerland National Park, Pillnitz castle , the Canaletto view and many more.

Saxony ‘the Land of Castles’ has more than 50 castles, palaces, gardens and fortresses. The state-owned palaces, castles and gardens receive about two million visitors every year. These buildings, some of which have a history of over 1000 years, were the setting of historical events, domains of famous personalities and are still imposing buildings to this day.



The picture Book charm of Saxony’s Historic Towns

Germany’s largest area of architectural Monuments

Just 55,000 inhabitants, but 4,000 listed monuments: such a valuable historical ensemble in Germany can only be found in Görlitz. Over the last few years, Görlitz has been home to such productions as the Academy Award winning film adaptation of ‘The Reader’ and the Jackie Chan version of ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.


The Most famous angels in the World and collections of outstanding art

The two angels at the bottom of Raphael’s masterpiece “The Sistine Madonna” are known in the whole world, but visitors who want to see the original have to come to Dresden. The 500 year-old painting, which like Leonardo’s ‘Mona Lisa’ and Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ has entered into the cultural heritage of humanity.


A paradise for music lovers and feasts for the ears

Dresden Music Festival,  which always has a special theme, takes place every year in May and June and lasts for 17 days.

The century-old Bach Festival in Leipzig is dedicated to this great and still unequalled musician.

Dresden Opera house is considered the finest in the world. The magnificent building has been thrilling its visitors and the fact that the performances are mostly sold out, lies in the quality of the ensemble, which includes the Sächsische Staats – kapelle Dresden (Saxon State Orchestra), which uses the house for its concerts. In January, the opera house is transformed into a ball house on the occasion of the traditional Semper Opera Ball.


The white gold from Saxony

The oldest porcelain manufacturer in Europe, whose famous crossed blue swords are the oldest trademark in the world.

The second- largest porcelain picture in the world has adorned the lobby of Dresden- Neustadt station for several years and is dedicated to the most beautiful castles and palaces in Saxony.


A Tradition of excellence in craftsmanship

Now part of the Swatch Group, Glashütte Original makes almost all of its components in its ‘transparent manufactory’, where visitors can track every step of production. The in-house shop offers them the chance to purchase the small masterpieces.

These include pocket watches, wristwatches and pendulum clocks from different periods, as well as marine chronometers and escapement models.


Europe’s first Winery experience – 850 years of wine

The Saxon State Winery Wackerbarth is Europe’s first adventure vineyard and provides enjoyment for all the senses. The Baroque splendor is the backdrop for many events and many couples tie the knot here. Wackerbarth is also Germany’s second-oldest producer of sparkling wine.

Visitors to the transparent factory can track manufacturing processes throughout the year. Guests dine on Meissen© porcelain and the drinks are natural products of the restaurant’s own vineyard.


Adventures on four wheels – The Most unusual car factory in the World

Volkswagen has continued the tradition of more than 100 years of building luxury cars in Saxony. Cultural events are held regularly in the foyer, such as concerts of the famous Moritzburg Festival.

The entrance building looks like a landing UFO and is used all year round for events, even having its own catering. So a visit to Porsche Leipzig can almost be an extraterrestrial experience. The BMW factory in Leipzig with its distinctive central building can also be visited.

To drive a Porsche is a dream that can become reality. Visitors can choose to be pilot or co-pilot on both circuits and be a racing driver for a day. Porsche Leipzig, also offers a variety of adventure experiences, one which is of course a factory tour.


Witnesses To Saxony’s great industrial Heritage – The Most Beautiful dairy shop in the World

Pfund’s Dairy’ has been listed by Guinness World Records as the ‘most beautiful dairy shop’ in the world.

Like in a picture book, the outlet shop was decorated completely with tiles made in cooperation with Dresden artists by Villeroy & Boch.


Joy To The world from Saxony – Eternal Christmas

The Christmas season in the Ore Mountains is an unforgettable experience: Visitors can assemble Christmas smokers and paint them themselves.

Anyone who has eaten a Pulsnitz Spitze, gingerbread filled with jam and coated with chocolate, appreciates the tradition at Germany’s oldest Christmas Market.In the museum’s gingerbread demonstration workshop, you can try your hand at preparing them.


Germany’s Most Popular hiking trail

Today hikers are still impressed by the wooded, wild and romantic gorges, the countless bizarre rock formations and the breathtaking views. The hiking trail, which runs along both sides of the Elbe River, is the most popular in Germany.

At Saxon Switzerland National Park, stands the “rock stage” of Rathen Open-Air theatre, often called Europe’s most beautiful outdoor theatre.

Saxon Switzerland is still a paradise for climbers, with 20,000 climbs on 1,100 free-standing rocks. At certain rock overhangs and in caves, where there is often the chance to sleep and make a fire, climbers are all to stay the night in the wilderness.



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