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Estonia is best known for its mysterious medieval capital Tallinn, one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Visitors are enchanted by the narrow winding streets and towering ramparts. Opera and concerts, art exhibitions and antique shops, fine museums and well- stocked shops add the final touch to what the inquisitive traveller might expect from a city as varied as Tallinn. Take a short, snowy Tallinn walk and learn some secrets on Tallinn, Estonians’ everyday life and love. Taste the mulled wine and home-made gingerbread. Try on some authentic hand-knitted mittens withold-traditional patterns. Enjoy medieval feast in the very heart of Tallinn !

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Medieval Feast

Once the home of a merchant, this restaurant is the place to obtain the most genuine impression of the dignified Hanseatic period at just a few steps from the Town Hall Square. The extravagant feasts and drinks – takes place according to the same rules and customs that applied centuries ago… Entertainment is provided by musicians, whose professional skills have been considered worthy in several Hanseatic cities.

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Nightlife at Tallinn

A night out in Tallinn can be unforgettable. The pubs and clubs in the old town embed the evening in a special atmosphere not to be found elsewhere. The late-night cellar bars in the old town offer you as much nightlife you can afford or achieve. If you are in for various kinds of music, Tallinn at night is a challenge. Here you find all, from funky jazz to hip-hop with an attitude and techno that gives your legs a dazzling display.

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Lazy morning in the Spa

Indulge in an oasis of paradise for an exclusive Spa & Wellness retreat, invigorating aromas, relaxing touches and an indoor pool, steam bath and sauna.

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Medieval Teambuilding program in Tallinn Old Town

The best way to get acquainted with the town. The group is divided in smaller teams. Teams walk around the Old Town, taking part in historical performances, actions or managing medieval challenges. All this provide historical information about Estonian culture and history in an experiential way. Game instructors in medieval costumes will judge and assist you at different historical spots, which have played very important role in medieval city life. This is your opportunity to see venues usually closed for tourists.

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Identify your horsepower with Private Horse Race

Visit the hippodrome for some winterly adrenaline and competition. Get a chance to sit next to the trainer who is driving a racing sulky. You can follow a constant overview about the race and afterwards the winner of the final race gets a winning cup. Beverages and rich choice of snacks will be served during the race with vodka as a supplement for the brave spirit.


Try your skills in Nordic games and play Curling

Play one of the craziest games that has glued millions of people in front of their TV sets. Originated in late medieval Scotland, curling is now the official sports of the Olympic games, requiring a great deal of strategy and teamwork, and nicknamed «Chess On Ice». Learn and play the Roaring Game!

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Experience a modern take on traditional, Estonian cuisine

The name of the restaurant comes from an old folk song and dance, and both the off-beat interior and the inventive dishes on offer, resonate with the echoes of the nation’s ethnic heritage.

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Winter 4×4 Safari

A day out of the city… snowy, wild and slippery. Off-road orientation safari by following specially prepared legend, completed with exciting and challenging activities like ice driving with spiced-up 4X4 vehicles. Excitement, control, uniqueness and nothing less! Visit the silent countryside Manor House where an old-style traditional buffet lunch awaits you. Located in the former Ball Room of a beautiful manor house, this venue features one of the most beautiful fine dining restaurants in Estonia. With its painstakingly restored original parquet floors and ceiling ornaments, paintings and modern Scandinavian furniture the restaurant is a seamless blend between the traditional old and modern minimalism. The high ceilings, the large windows overlooking the Manor Park, the fireplace and a grand piano add to the ambience.

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A frozen lake… Tough fishermen will teach you to drill a hole and bait a line. Hot local drinks will keep you warm… Brave locals swimming nearby will show you the real Nordic power!

Estonian winters are rich with snow, so you can also take the chance to build a snowman in the courtyard!

Take a break and relax in Estonian sauna like the manor lords did in the good old times with welcome drinks and pampered with luxury spa treatments, consisting of 100% natural fresh ingredients.

Gala dinner in a gourmet restaurant that offers another reality for those who desire genuine delight midst nowadays world, stands a house filled with fabulous treasures –gastronomic and emotional – is a surprise for many.

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