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Gear up for an extensive training in modern warfare by the best instructors in the world. Learn Top-secret techniques, real machine guns and grenades, street fights with lethal force and surviving in unforgiving wilderness. A Once in a lifetime, Unbelievable Modern Warfare Experience.

This is no honeymoon

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We take groups of civilians from around the world and provide them with extensive training in modern warfare, normally over a 7-10 day period. The training is a shortened version of the top-secret techniques of the Israeli Special Forces. Your safety is our first concern: you and your group members will undergo a background check and will be accompanied by top instructors throughout your combat training.

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You will jump out of real planes, shoot real machine guns, throw real grenades, learn to street fight with lethal force, and learn how to survive in unforgiving wilderness – the same terrain you would find in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. You will learn combat related terminology, how to fight in the open and how to sweep a house clean in close combat. You will learn how individual fighting di!ers from team fighting.

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You will put your training to use against one another and against Israeli Special Forces in paintball team fighting contests and krav maga sparing. This is the only program that o!ers military training for civilians by the best Special Forces instructors in the world. Our instructors consists of a great team of professional soldiers with many years of combat experience – both in training soldiers and in conducting live operations against Hizballa, Hamas and in covert operations throughout the Middle East. In short, our instructors are the real deal, and they will look after you and train you as if you were their soldiers.

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Pure Adrenaline Rush

• The first and only tourism program o!ering civilians the exclusive, state-of-the-art training of the Israeli Special Forces.

• A first-hand understanding of the complexity of modern warfare and anti-terrorism.

• Non-stop action and adventure throughout the entire State of Israel.

• Instruction from seasoned combat veterans with extensive experience in planning and executing covert operations.

• A once-in-a-lifetime experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

5 Day special tour includes

• Basic + Advanced gun training

• Krav maga training • Survival skills

• Off Road extreme driving

• Skydiving

• Anti terrorism techniques

• Finishing party

Note: All trips can be customized to suit and can start from 2 days to 10 days. Available for small groups or Corporate Incentive programs.

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