Good or bad. Fast or slow. Fulfilling or otherwise.
There is something in it for everyone.
Yet, today, there is so much happening, with insane amounts of information and very busy schedules; that ‘moments’ can at times get blurred in this haze and chaos of the ‘connected’ life!
At Singular Women, we go through the clutter, and pick these special experiences out for you.
Tried, tested, tasted, and then curated, we punctuate life with special moments, indulgences, and even hedonistic excursions.
We script memories that stay etched in the soul.
Memories that stay alive through generations and become intangible heirlooms of sorts.
This comes from our love of telling stories; and hearing them.
After all, unforgettable experiences become unforgettable stories.
At Singular Women, we curate the Good Life.
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For more information, please contact Spread over two continents, Istanbul is a city of contrasts with majestic Ottoman influences juxtaposed to ultra modern developments. With legendary hospitality and superb shopping, Istanbul’s mesmerizing history...

God’s Secret Residence

for more information, please contact An island country in a remote corner of Europe with 100% green energy and 0% crime. Sounds like a fairytale? Well, it is, and even more than that. Iceland o!ers travellers everything beyond imagination, starting from...


For more information, please contact Day 1 1) Jet d’Eau switching on (30 mins): The Jet d’Eau (Water-Jet) is a large fountain in Geneva, and is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Five hundred litres (132 gallons) of water per second are...

French Riviera

For more information, please contact Introduction to St. Tropez by city orientation in comfortable private ‘tucktuck’ and visit the best restaurants, bars, clubs and V.I.P. Party locations and other ‘must be’ places. French Riviera and...