Good or bad. Fast or slow. Fulfilling or otherwise.
There is something in it for everyone.
Yet, today, there is so much happening, with insane amounts of information and very busy schedules; that ‘moments’ can at times get blurred in this haze and chaos of the ‘connected’ life!
At Singular Women, we go through the clutter, and pick these special experiences out for you.
Tried, tested, tasted, and then curated, we punctuate life with special moments, indulgences, and even hedonistic excursions.
We script memories that stay etched in the soul.
Memories that stay alive through generations and become intangible heirlooms of sorts.
This comes from our love of telling stories; and hearing them.
After all, unforgettable experiences become unforgettable stories.
At Singular Women, we curate the Good Life.
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For more information, please contact Courchevel, a swanky ski destination in the picturesque French Alps is a land of plenty. Plenty of private jets, beautiful people, fantastic skiing, luxurious accommodations and fine dining. You will be spoilt for...


For more information, please contact Take a private helicopter city tour of th e legendary town of Chamonix. See the fascinating Mont-Blanc Mountain, 4,810 metres of rock, snow and ice. Enjoy some shopping at the town centre. The Chamonix valley...

Play on Augusta

For more information, please contact The chance of a lifetime We are delighted to be able to bring to you, the golfers dream! “The Masters” has long been heralded as the most exclusive tournament in the golfing calendar and having just played host to...

Bernese Alps and Jura Region

For more information, please contact Group Supersport Driving Tour Sample a selection of exceptional cars in a superb setting of amazing Swiss Alps on a two day tour into the heart of the Bernese Alps and luxury watch makers valley in Jura Region. Taste the...


For more information, please contact One of the most rocking destinations in Europe Riga, the capital of Latvia and largest city in the Baltic States, is a vibrant, fast-evolving modern city that has a lot to offer, starting from music festivals,...

Wine, Wisdom & Rock

For more information, please contact A once in a lifetime experience in a twice-the-wow -weekend where classic cabernet meets classic rock.   For more than 80 years, the Louis M Martini family winemakers have crafted world-class Cabernet...


For more information, please contact   Walk through closed doors, sneak into the houses of local aristocats, explore the backstage of Haute Couture and order a bag with your own photo. That’s on the schedule if you explore Venice together with a...